Companies must adapt to digitization if they want to continue to occupy a prominent place in the minds of their customers. Through it, they face the challenge of having to create and manage brands that respond to the needs of clients quickly, with transparency and sincerity. What are the benefits of digital marketing? Online marketing is a way to give practical solutions to the company and its customers, as well as providing information for the development of new products or services adapted to what each consumer seeks. How? It is the result of combining human knowledge with technology and real-time analysis. Also, it offers theRead More →

Marketing is made up of the terms market (operation buying and selling) and art or technique; you could say then that marketing is the art of the sales transaction, or that marketing is the art of exchange. However, this definition would involve a very narrow or too broad view, according to taste and concept that is present in much of the current human activities. Theoretical definition of marketing Here are two concepts, merely theoretical, trying to encompass, in a short paragraph, the whole concept enclosing the term: According to American Marketing Association, marketing is an activity, set of institutions and processes. Its purpose is forRead More →