Let Us Discuss What Marketing Is All About

Marketing is made up of the terms market (operation buying and selling) and art or technique; you could say then that marketing is the art of the sales transaction, or that marketing is the art of exchange. However, this definition would involve a very narrow or too broad view, according to taste and concept that is present in much of the current human activities.

Theoretical definition of marketing

Here are two concepts, merely theoretical, trying to encompass, in a short paragraph, the whole concept enclosing the term:
According to American Marketing Association, marketing is an activity, set of institutions and processes. Its purpose is for communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for consumers, customers, partners and society in general.
It can mean as a set of principles and practices seeking to increased trade, especially in demand. Study procedures and resources aimed at this purpose.

Premises of marketing concept
  • The organization sees its mission to satisfy a definite desire for a certain group of customers together.
  • A business should recognize that to meet those desires; it needs a good program of market research.
  • A company should realize that all company activities that tend to affect customers should be under control of integrated marketing.
  • An organization believes that providing a good job to satisfy your customers will earn their loyalty, their preference, and their good opinion.

These are the things that are essential to achieving the goals of the organization.

Marketing objectives

According to Drucker, the aim of marketing is to make consumers know and understand the consumer products or services that perfectly fit their needs. In an ideal situation, consumers were willing to buy, and then you just have to let them get products or services.

The main goal of marketing is to find out the consumer needs and provides satisfaction through a coordinated set of activities. Such action will enable the organization to achieve its goals. Satisfaction is the most important for customers.

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